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Single line multi station wire cutting machine
Fast wire cutting machine


basic information
Fast wire cutting machine
model DK7763A
Maximum stroke of tableX.Y(mm) 800×630
Table size(mm) 1040×750
Maximum working thickness(mm) 850
Wire diameter(mm) Φ0.12~0.22
Maximum machining efficiency(mm²/min) ≧150
Surface roughness(Ra/μm) 1.25~2.5
Machine power consumption(kw) 1.5
Maximum silk storage length(m) 320
Wire speed(m/s) 11
Maximum load bearing of the workbench(kg) 750
The weight(kg) 3000
Outline size of main engine(mm) 2270×2180×2140
Maximum machining taper ±5°



1 Usage of the machine tool

This machine is mainly used to handle some medium-sized and miniative metal components with the features of high stiffness, precision and complexity such as sintered-carbide and chilled steel. It can be widely used in the tools of industries like instrument and automotive, laboratory shops as well as manufacturing all varieties of hard-metal components of former blocks, explorator, module boards sintered-carbide.

2 Main Specification

2.1 Type and technical parameter Principal parameters of DK77 series NC electrospark linear cutting machine

PS: You can consult the manufacturer of the real running distance of the gallery that is longer than the theory distance.

Taper: 0~10°and 0~40°

The precision cannot be when cutting components of Max. thickness. (sintered-carbide not included)

2.2 Processing precision

Cutting 28×40 octagon Size of longitudinal cut plane deviates 0.015mm

Size of crosswise cut plane deviates 0.020mm

2.3Moving amount of gallery hand wheel

The gallery moves 4mm with one circle of the hand wheel. Meanwhile, the gallery moves 0.01mm with one case of the hand wheel.

2.4Wire-stocking cylinder

Max. movement: 150mm

Size(Diameter×Length) ¢156×184

Diameter of electric pole: 0.12—0.22mm

Max amount of wire stocking: 27m

Speed of molybdenum wire: 11m/s

2.5Impulse equivalent

Gallery 0.001mm